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Of course, we’re going to try and point out all of the best Black Friday shoe deals this year but we also want to give you more resources as we’re sure some things will slip through the cracks.

To start things off, we recommend you check out sites like Fat Wallet or to see what some of the major stores out there are offering. When it comes to shoes, a lot of the big box stores like PayLess or even Sears will sometimes have some decent Black Friday Sales.

But if you’re looking for more designer type shoes, then you’ll probably want to look elsewhere. A couple of more specific fashion sites you may want to check out and keep an eye on this year would be, and Shine from Yahoo. All of these sites put out some good articles last year on finding Black Friday fashion deals, most of which included some pretty good shoe deals.

These are some good additional resources for you, but of course our #1 recommendation is to keep this site bookmarked as we’ll be sniffing out the absolute best deals on women’s shoes for this 2012 Black Friday season. So check back when it gets closer to the 23rd to see what awesome sales we’ve been able to find for you.

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