Black Friday Shoe Sales for 2012

Black Friday Shoe Sales

As you can see from the countdown above, Black Friday is fast approaching! We’re getting super excited for all the great savings out there on women’s shoes and we’re already on the hunt to find some of the best Black Friday shoe sales and deals for 2012. We’ve already uncovered a couple of potential sales from some of our favorite online stores and wanted to share them with you so you’re a little bit ahead of the game!

It looks like the personalized shopping site JustFab has posted a sneek peak on their black friday shoes sale for 2012 already. They’ve gotten pretty big over the last year and are sure to be one of the big players this upcoming weekend. Their site works a little bit different than your every day shopping site though… They ask you to take a quiz before signing up and then each month their stylists will choose a selection of shoes for you based on the answers you gave during your quiz.  You can also browse through a huge number of their shoes though, and it looks like they should have some pretty good deals this Black Friday so be on the lookout.

We’re also seeing that Macys have already announced their shoe deals for Black Friday this year. They are running sales both online and in store. We can already see some pretty killer deals online with shoes marked down up to 50% off. These are brand name shoes like Calvin Klein, Jessica Simpson, Coach, Guess, etc. Usually their in store sales are a bit better, but if you want to avoid the crazy shoppers out there this coming weekend, their online sales should be pretty decent too.

Designer Shoe Warehouse
Although we can’t find anything on their site yet, we’ve heard that DSW is looking to have a pretty big sale this Black Friday. They pulled out all the stops last year and had some pretty killer savings, so we’re excited to see what they do this year. We’ll keep our eye on them over the next couple of days and make a post here with the exact details. But definitely keep your eye on this site for some good deals.

Other Potential Sales
We’d expect early next week to see some more details emerging from some of the big stores like JCPenney or Amazon, but we haven’t heard much yet.

But don’t fear… We’ve got our eyes on all the big players in the fashion industry and will be doing all the hard work for you this year so we’ll keep you posted. No matter if you’re looking to save money on expensive designer shoes, or if you’re looking to save on some of the cheaper and less expensive brands out there, you’ll find all of the best deals here as we get closer to Black Friday 2012.

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